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Reincarnation and our past lives

Have you ever experienced memories that do not seem to be your own? Have you ever had the feeling of déjà vu, or dreamed vividly about people and places you’ve never seen? these signs may indicate that you’ve led a past life which is also known as reincarnation. Living more than one …

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4 Ways to be Haunted

Are you or your house being haunted? Well, that depends. How often do you feel the room suddenly get colder for no reason? Do you ever hear voices with no source? Have you ever felt touched by a cold hand that wasn’t actually there? If you’ve noticed one or more …

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Angels Among Us

Angels are the connection between us and the divine plane of existence. They are celestial beings carrying messages from a heavenly place. They generally appear to offer guidance or affirm your decisions when you are unsure.That said, they cannot obligate you to follow their advice. Angels do not interfere with …

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How to Remember A Past Life

Do you believe in reincarnation and past lives? Do you feel as if your soul remember the lives it experienced before it lived within you? Wouldn’t you love to tap into that abundant wisdom? You could consult a psychic or medium, but be aware that there are often costs for …

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Keeping alive the memory of pets passed

Most of us who are animal lovers treat our pets as family. In fact, to the most ardent pet lover, our pets aren’t merely animals, they are vital parts of our lives, and when they die, we grieve for them just as if we have lost a part of ourselves.  …

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The Strange Experience of Meeting Your Doppleganger

      Have you ever had the experience of seeing someone randomly who looks like they could be your identical twin? Or maybe you’ve seen the exact duplicate of yourself in a dream or someone has told you that you look exactly like a friend or relative they have? If …

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Signs That The Dead Are Still with Us

It is comforting to know that the spirits have sent messages that they are still with us and the death is just another phase of living.  Even though we feel that they are gone, they are actually still on their life journey and still available to us for guidance and …

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Channeling Your Loved Ones

How do you know if a psychic really knows what they’re doing and actually can reach your deceased loved one? If you have ever watched a medium channeling a spirit, you know it is an emotional and supernatural event.  You can discover what what goes into this process and learn …

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Talking with the Dead

Whenever we lose someone we may have some questions. Perhaps we feel that the dearly departed have some unfinished business.   We may feel lost and hopeless because you can’t reach out to your  loved one.  This is perfectly normal. Mediums can reach out to those who have passed on so …

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