Wednesday , August 10 2022

Cora Walter

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Famous Mediums and What They Did

Sally Morgan

There are many famous mediums all around the world and in this article, we will discuss ten that are very popular. Noreen Reiner Noreen is one of the most famous mediums because she began to lecture in the police force in 1981. She worked with the FBI and is known …

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When Past Loves Stop You from Finding Love?

Finding Love

Do you always have your ex on your mind and no matter what you are doing they seem to always come to your mind? Do you go out and have fun, but your ex is still on your mind? Do you have your ex still hanging around you and you …

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Soulmates That Cannot Be Together


When people think about being with their soulmate, they believe that everything will be perfection. It will be even more than what we see on the movies. Everything might go away, but you know that your soulmate will still be there for you. The second that you lay your eyes …

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Understanding Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Soul Loss

Soul loss is something that many people do not understand, and this happens because many people do not believe that each of us has a divine soul inside of us. This idea is something that is constant in someone that believes, and they know that the soul is something that …

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Using Fate and Lessons to Know Your Karma


Do you ever feel that you keep repeating the same problems over and over again? When you look at numerology, you can see that this can be part of your Life lesson number. This is the number that works with your birth date. The birth date helps you to know …

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Understanding Your Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams

Some people have never thought of the laws of the universe before and even if you haven’t, most people have heard about the law of attraction at least from books or television. The law of attraction is a universal law, and it tells you that whatever you put into the …

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The Power of Being a Medium Psychic

Medium Psychic

People that give readings are gifted from the universe. A medium is someone that can talk to the spirit world. They are important to people that have experienced loss and grief. When you have lost a loved one, it can be one of the hardest things that you have ever …

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Signs Someone Who has Passed is Still With You

Signs Someone Who has Passed is Still With You

We all want comfort in knowing the spirits of our loved ones are still with us, even after they have passed. There are several common signs from Heaven that give us that peace of mind and comfort. All you need to do is to pay attention and keep an open …

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How to Get Messages from Your Spirit Guides

et Messages from Your Spirit Guides

If you have been working on making your spiritual life better, chances are that you are more open to ideas than you were in the past. Maybe you are choosing to use crystals, or you have bought your first oracle or Tarot deck. This can be something new that you …

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How to Deal with Karmic Debt

Karmic Debt

People often see karma as what you do will come back to you, but it is more than actions, it is also the thoughts and the different emotions that you put out into the world, and they come back to you. People that think about karma are often talking about …

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