Understanding Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

There are many people that believe in past lives. This is something that is exciting to some while others don’t believe in it at all. Past life regression is something that happens when someone isn’t able to remember if they had a past life or not.

There might be certain things or places that you are attracted to, and you aren’t sure why. This is where past life regression therapy can help you.

Past Life Regression

The soul is something that can come back to earth over and over again. This is when someone is born into different bodies over and over again and their soul keeps exploring more things.

Some people don’t realize that past life regression is a way to heal and when you have bad things that have happened in your past life such as being murdered or having your heart broken, this kind of therapy can help you to heal from these things.

Past Life Regression Therapy

During past life regression therapy the therapist might do hypnotherapy, or they might do other things to help you get rid of your fears. Sometimes hypnosis is there, and people use it to open up the things from their past or things that they aren’t aware of in their life. This is a way of deep meditation, and it can help to get answers.

The practitioner is one that will start talking at the beginning of the session and this will help the client to be calm and to open up their conscious mind. This helps them to get to an Alpha and Theta sate.

Once you meditate, you will see that you can start visualizing what you see in your mind and if you have psychic gifts like being clairvoyant, you will see that you might be able to see visions from your past life. One thing to note is that you are always in control during hypnosis, and you can come back to reality anytime that you want to.

What Do You See During Past Life Regression Therapy?

There are different things that people see during past life regression therapy such as:

  • Chronological order of life.
  • Some will see many different lifetimes.
  • Things that need to be healed.
  • Some see into ancient times.
  • Visions that are numerous, some up to 20 visions per session.
  • The next lifetime.

This kind of therapy can be so touching that it leaves people with strong emotions. This can help the client to get rid of trauma that they have been holding on for years and years and maybe even since their first past life.

How Can Past Life Regression Help?

One thing that can be done during this therapy is that it can help you to get rid of trauma and emotions from your past life. Even when ideas or thoughts come to your mind, you can learn to get rid of these before placing any kinds of judgements in your life.

You can use your intuition to help you to understand certain things that you see in your memories or in your conscious mind. If there is trauma or grief, you need to be able to access this so that it can bring healing to your life.

Final Thoughts

If you are reading this article, you are probably drawn to your past life, and you might be considering past life regression therapy. This can be something that can give you answers to things that you are experiencing now based on what happened to you in the past. This is a type of healing that can stay with you forever.