Looking at Your Parallel Life

Parallel Life

Do you believe that your soul experiences different universes? Some people believe that the soul is something that exists in more than one universe and even though one might be more real to them, the soul can be in more than one body at one time, according to some people.

Living a concurrent lifestyle means that you are living in two parallels at the same time. Some say that this is living in the past and the future at the same time. Here is what that means:

  • Parallel self: You share a reality with someone that has the same soul as you such as your twin flame.
  • Parallel life: Means that you share a different universe, but you can only focus on one at a time.


There are two people, Bruce Goldberg and Dolores Cannon that made hypnotherapy popular. They believe that with this kind of therapy, people can reach their parallel lives.  Goldberg calls this progression and age-progression, and this is when your conscious mind is in two different places at one time.

Progression can mean that you are moving towards your future and age-progression can mean that you are moving forward towards your future. Some people call this soul surfing.

When you are going into this universe change, you are reaching your Akashic records at the Akashic call. This is a library that holds all things in your life from your past, present and future. Here are the benefits of this:

  • Finding yourself.
  • Finding your karmic destiny.
  • Healing relationships.
  • Understanding people more.
  • Finding the reality that reaches your desires.
  • Letting realities and dreams manifest.
  • Spiritual growth.
  • Avoid problems.
  • Find skills and talents that keep you real.
  • Learning the lessons of your soul.
  • Increasing your incarnation chances.

Channeling Parallel Realities

People can reach these parallel areas by dreaming. Some will meditate and others will use self-hypnosis. Here is how self-hypnosis works:

Using Self-Hypnosis

  • Set your intention and let your reality be detailed. Write down what you feel. Use your telepathy to understand your environment. Find a comfortable place to sit and wear comfortable clothing.
  • Check your pulse point on your neck and wrist and see if your pulse increases or decreases as you relax.
  • Count from 50 down and as you do breathe deeply. This will help you to have deep relaxation.
  • If you feel uncomfortable going to self-hypnosis, imagine things like wings, flowers or other things that can get you calm.
  • If your ego shows up, stay calm and imagine a white light surrounding you and protecting your energy.
  • Ask your higher self to help you.
  • Get information and relax as you do.
  • As you move through your life, open up your consciousness and experience what you are going through.
  • Look at the details that your senses are showing you and figure out who you are.
  • Don’t ask too many questions at this time.
  • When you are ready to leave, do it. Count from 1 to 5 and let your image come to your senses.
  • Write down what you experienced.

It will become easier to do self-hypnosis as you practice it. As you channel your lifetimes, you will see that you can learn more about who you are. View the different realities and don’t let things stress you out.

The experiences that you have will be different than the experiences that other people have. You might experience déjà vu times and you might also have clear knowing that you aren’t sure where it comes from. Meditate on these things.

Some believe that as you reach your parallel universe, you will be able to split your soul into two bodies. This will help you to see yourself in a different life. Some people have claimed to have had three different versions of their lives in one setting.


  1. The idea that one can navigate different realities and enhance spiritual growth through self-hypnosis is thought-provoking. It raises questions about the nature of consciousness and the boundaries of our understanding. This could be a fruitful area for interdisciplinary research, combining psychology, spirituality, and quantum physics.

  2. The notion of accessing Akashic records through self-hypnosis to better understand one’s karmic destiny is a profound concept. However, it’s important to approach such ideas with a balance of open-mindedness and skepticism. Further research into the cognitive mechanisms behind these experiences would be valuable.

  3. The concept of living parallel lives is quite intriguing. The mention of hypnotherapy as a method to explore these parallel existences adds a layer of credibility, given the work of Bruce Goldberg and Dolores Cannon. It would be interesting to see more empirical studies on this subject.

  4. Exploring parallel realities through meditation and self-hypnosis presents a novel approach to self-awareness and personal growth. While the metaphysical assertions are compelling, it would be beneficial to see these practices evaluated within a rigorous scientific framework to fully appreciate their potential.

  5. The article brings an interesting perspective on the idea of souls existing in multiple universes. While it is fascinating, the practicality of self-hypnosis as a tool to explore these dimensions seems to require more scientific validation. Nonetheless, the potential psychological benefits cannot be ignored.


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