Do People Come Back as Animals?

Do People Come Back as Animals

People that believe in the afterlife and in reincarnation might wonder if they can come back in their second life as an animal or if animals come back as people. This is something that is often argued about because some think that people and animals can exchange their souls in the next life while others think that they cannot.

Some believe that animals and people are the same and that they have the same kind of soul. Some believe that humans are just a higher form of an animal, and they believe that they can reincarnate and cross barriers of their classifications.

This might convince you that this can happen, and some will even cite things that might make you agree with them. There is research that has been done that can show that animals even have feelings and emotions like humans such as a dolphin being able to show that it is happy or an ape showing love to something.

Do Animals Have Souls?

People believe that humans have souls, but some believe that animals do, and others believe that they don’t.

Different religions believe different things when it comes to reincarnation and the afterlife and some, such as Hindus, believe that a person can come back as an animal, or a person and they believe that all living things have an eternal life.

Buddhists believe that humans and animals have souls, but they believe that when someone dies that they no longer exist. Other religions such as Muslims believe that a human is born once but they don’t always believe that animals have souls.

There are some people that think that animals have a provisional soul that means that they are alive but that their soul leaves after they die. This is sometimes seen in the Catholic religion. They believe that when God gives them life, they have a soul, but the soul doesn’t always last.

Humans to Animals

No religions show that people can come back as animals even if the animal has a soul or not. When it comes to reincarnation, the belief that the soul can cross over is not a universal belief.

The reason that people cannot go from a person to an animal is because they have different kinds of soul consciousness. You can’t be a cat in one life and then be a person in the other life because the soul will not go from one species to another one when it comes to a different consciousness of the soul.

There are reasons why humans can be born at different times when it comes to your belief in reincarnation such as the soul being reborn because it has lessons to learn, and the other reason is because the soul wants to reach its highest form of enlightenment.

The lessons that an animal needs to learn would be very few in between because animals are not given that kind of soul consciousness. Also, if you are born and you have karmic debts that you have to pay back, this affects how you feel, think, act and what you want. How can you balance this in the next life if you come back as an animal?

Karma and Reincarnation

Reincarnation and karma work together. The karma that you have now will determine who you will come back to in a different life. This will manifest as you live your life and the way that you act and do things.

Your current life effects what happens from your past karma. This means that what you do and think now will affect what happens in your next life. Your soul will learn a karmic relationship and once you learn it, it won’t ever be repeated again in your next lives.

Some believe that you can come back as an animal if you have bad karma to punish you for the behavior and actions that you had but this is something that most don’t believe in because it would be hard for a human to cross over the barrier between a human and an animal.

You will reach the karmic effect when you reincarnate, and this can be good or bad karma. You will be born into a different life that will have to do with your past actions.

Doing Your Best

The best advice is to make sure that you are living your best life so that you can reap good karma. Don’t behave terribly in your life if you want to have your next life to be good.

Learn your lessons and let karma teach you how to live your best life by showing kindness and love to others and being compassionate. You will have a much better life in the next life if you learn to live your best and to treat others how you want to be treated.