When Your Dead Loved One is Close


Losing a loved one to death is something that can be very overwhelming and heartbreaking. But the great thing is that many people believe that when a loved one dies that they are still with you, just in a different form.

As a person goes through death, they want their loved ones to know that they are okay and that they still want to be part of their lives while they are alive on earth. There are different signs that you can notice to know if your loved one is still close to you after they have died.

It is important to know that your spiritual life is as important as your physical life and that once you understand the spiritual world then you can understand things better. Not everyone remembers that they have been alive forever and most only remember their earthly experiences.

When a person dies, their soul goes into energies, and they are able to have freedom to visit people that are still in bodies. The soul of your dead loved one can be right in the same room as you, according to some beliefs.

Some believe that people that leave their body, their soul goes into a different place. This means that the soul can still stay on earth while their loved ones are alive. Even if a person has a funeral, chances are that their spirit is there to see the funeral and the memorial service. They know that they are loved and that their relatives are grieving over them.

The loved ones can make new things happen to you such as you are feeling different sensations so that you know that they are close to you. As you feel them around you, you can get rid of some of the grief that is holding you back. Here are some signs they might be close to you:

Feeling Warm

A person that loses a loved one might be able to feel their warmth if they come to them after they die.  This feeling might be something that comes slowly, or it can come fast. Or, they might feel something rub against their skin or have chill bumps for no reason. Sometimes a person will feel that someone is watching them.

Using the Five Senses

Your five senses can help you to know if your loved one is close to you. Just as if your loved one was still alive, some people can see their loved ones with their eyes after their death. Some will see them jet by while others will have visions of them. Some will hear them calling their name or will have a favorite song or movie come on that was their dead relatives favorite.

The temperature in the room can get hotter or colder and this can cause you to realize that your loved one is close.

Electronics Flashing

Sometimes people will experience their electronics or lights flashing. Sometimes souls will cause the television to turn off or on or the lights will blink. This could be a coincidence, or it could be the fact that your loved one wants you to know that they are close to you.

Some people will have an email or a picture of their loved one come up on their phone or their computer or they will see static or a text message that they had sent you in the past.

Finding Missing Things

A loved one that has died might help you to find objects that used to be theirs so that you can know they are close to you. You might find a ring or a watch that was theirs or even their keys or glasses.

Other people find feathers or coins and stones, or they might have a flower grow that they didn’t plant. Repeating numbers can also mean that your loved one is close to you or if you find random water around the yard or things falling over for no reason.

Butterflies, Birds or Animals

Butterflies, birds or animals are sometimes signs that your loved one is near. Sometimes an animal will show up that is out of season and will get close to you. This can happen with a bird such as a cardinal or a small animal that you don’t normally see. An animal might seem like they are looking right at you, and it can be a message your loved one is trying to send you.

Dreams and Visitations

One of the easiest ways to know that your loved one is close to you is if you dream of them. They can come to your dream and give you messages and help you to not grieve any longer. They want you to remember the dreams and if they show up in your dreams then they want you to have peace.

They can appear to be in your dream just like when they left, or they might even talk to you or give you a message. They can communicate in the dream verbally or even telepathically. This can give you peace and hope.

Out of Ordinary Experiences

Some experiences with your dead loved one will be ordinary, but some will be out of the ordinary. You might meditate and then have a vision of them, or you might have visions of them in the afterlife.

Some will experience out of body experiences where they meet their loved one. This is a time where no one else will see what you are seeing. This can even be like a visit from the angels.


Coincidences and synchronicities happen when your loved one wants you to know that they are close to you. They will place things in your mind, or they will have other people talk to you.  They might have a friend call you that you haven’t heard from in a long time, or you might see something that is interesting that fits your situation in a magazine. These things happen because your loved one wants you to have a happy life.

Asking to Get a Sign

Even if you don’t realize you are getting signs from your dead loved ones, you might be. You can ask them to send you a sign so that you know that they are okay. When you think of them, ask them in your mind.

Ask them to give you a sign that you will know for sure is them. Go in the kitchen and bake something that you and your loved one made together or sing out your favorite songs.  If you see an animal that you both loved, talk to the animal and listen to the signs around you.

You might have to ask once or even more than one time to get your loved one to answer you. Once you start seeing the signs, your energies will build, and you will be able to receive the signs easier. You will be able to have them respond to you and to give you what you are asking for.

You might find that the more signs you look for the more you will see them. Let these signs make you feel good and tell your loved one how happy the signs made you. As you communicate with your loved one in the afterlife, you will see that it gets easier over time, and you can talk to them as you choose.