Understanding Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Have you ever been around someone, and they seemed so familiar like you had known them forever even though you just met them? There are therapists that can help with past life regression that can help you to know why you know that person.

When someone gets past life regression therapy this is something that is supposed to help reach your conscious soul. This is part of reincarnation studies, and many believe that there are memories that come from one life to another. Some believe that everyone has a type of consciousness that allows them to see things in a past life.

Others believe that memories or traumas from a past life can explain why people have problems in their present life. So, someone that is a past life regression therapist might be able to help find out why the client has issues and struggles in their jobs, relationships and more.

Some therapists believe that someone cannot move forward until they face their past life. They need to know how to access it and then process what happened to them so that they can release it and live a better life.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy will happen when a therapist has you relax and to think of memories from the past life. Some associate this with hypnosis. This can help the client to be able to figure out details of their life from looking at the past and things that have went wrong with people and places. This can help a person to become unstuck in their present life.

During this therapy, some are even able to see why and how they died. This helps them to know what impacts them such as phobias and helps them to be able to let go of these things. The experiences that they carry are able to be moved to a different place so that the message that they get is that of healing.

Knowing Your Past Life

When you do your own past life regression therapy, you can choose someone to guide you. This can give you ways to tap into your inner being and to find past memories that you can use to understand what is going on in your life now.

Before you do your own therapy, you need to know that there might be memories from your past that are hard to accept. Always start the sessions slow and make sure that you are prepared for things to come up that you never imagined.

What You Can Do

Here are some things you can do to move forward in your past life regression therapy:

Find Ideas and Clues

Look for things in your life that you think are strange and find out if it is related to your past life. See if things seem familiar to you or if you have skills that you didn’t realize.


Your dreams can give you clues on your past life. If you wake up after a very vivid dream, journal it. This can help you to come up with ideas about what happened to you in the past.

Get Guidance

You can ask your guides to help you. Do this when you meditate. Before you even begin thinking about your past life, try to ask your angels or your guides to direct you down the right path.

Science and Past Life

Science doesn’t support past life regression even though there are multiple claims that it is real. There are some children that have memories of past lives that are able to be looked up and studied. These children are able to give details of lives from the past and they aren’t old enough to even know where these memories would come from.

There are people that are very skeptical of past life regression and even though there are children that have proven this to be true, there is not enough documentation to make this a thing of science. Even with research, there are subjective experiences that are not able to be measured and this makes it hard to document as science.

Final Thoughts

Past life regression therapy is a thing that helps people to be able to understand their past life better. This can help them to access memories and problems that the past has caused them. Some might find this to be a spiritual thing while others might explore it just to know more about who they are.

When you have a perspective as to why you are here, on the Earth, you might want to find out where you came from and what kind of existence that you have had in the past.