How Many Past Lives to People Get?

Past Lives

Are you someone that wonders how many lives you have had in the past? Studies have shown that numerology can help you to calculate how many past lives that you have had. You can do this just by using the numbers in your birthday. The Life Path number, also called the resting number can help you to understand your personality, relationships, your life goals and what might happen in your future.

The Life Path Number is a single digit after you add your birth date together. This number can tell you how many past lives that you have lived. Numerology can help to guide you and help you to understand your life in a deeper way. It can help you to understand where your soul has come from and what decisions that you have made and why.

Numerology can help you to figure out what events are going to happen and can teach you what your vibrational frequency is. This is part of your energy man and as you change, your path can change but if you don’t change then the results will stay the same.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and comes from different cultures. There are scientific evidence that talk about numbers and how they were used in the Egyptian culture and even the Indian and Hebrew Culture. Some numbers were used in the Bible and Pythagoras who was a Greek mathematician is known to follow numerology.

It has been seen that numbers work with music and people think that it carries a unique energy and can be used in different parts of your life.

When you look at odd numbers and add up ones that begin with the number 1, the total always equals a square number. The universe is made up of numbers and values.

Calculating Your Past Lives

Math can seem hard sometimes, but it is not too hard to understand your past life numbers. You need to add the single digits of your birth date including the month, the day and the year until you get your single number. This will be what your Life Path Number is.

For example, if you were born on February 2nd, then you would add a 2 for the second month and then the day and you would get the number 4. Then look at your year. If you were born in 1993 then you would add them together which would be 22 and then break it down 2+2 which equals 4. Then add all the digits together which would give you an 8 and that would be your life path number. That is how many past lives you have had.

Getting a Master Number

If your date is 11, 22 or 33 then this is a master number. You can reduce it to 1 digit, but a master number plays an important part in your destiny so its best to keep it as a double number.

13 Past Lives

It is believed that a past life is part of reincarnation. This means that your soul goes through many lives and as you live your life you learn more and more things. Each of your lifetimes helps you to learn something new and to see life in a different way.

It is hard to get one specific answer and to know exactly how many past lives you have lived because some believe that people have lived thousands of lives. But the 13-life theory tells you that your life or soul will pass through 13 different stages, and you will then reach your enlightenment. Depending on where you are in the stages will depend on who you are.

Using Numerology

Numerology isn’t just about having a past life, but it is about living a significant life. Do you see numbers everywhere or keep having a number repeat in your life? This is a coincidence that can mean that the universe is trying to get your attention.

If you are trying to make a hard decision, pay attention to numbers around you and see if any of them are trying to give you an answer.

What is Your Number?

Once you understand your life path, you can see that there is more about your personality than you might even know. Here are what the numbers mean:

Number 1

This number can mean that you are going to go through something new. It can mean that you reach your goals, and you are independent with who you are. It also means that you are a doubting person.

Number 2

The number 2 can tell you that you have duality. It can mean you have strong intuition, and you make an impact on people you see.

Number 3

This number can mean that you are creative and artistic. It can mean you are smart, and people follow you.

Number 4

The number four can mean you are a practical person and that you are very grounded. It can also mean you are logical.

Number 5

This number can mean you are interactive and energetic. It can mean that you do things that are unreliable at times and that you need to move forward.

Number 6

This number can mean that you are someone that takes care of others. You are a protective person, and you give of yourself more than you should.

Number 7

The number 7 can mean you are spiritual, and you are wise.

Number 8

This number can tell you that you are ambitious and that you need to focus more on the inner man and not materials.

Number 9

A person with the number 9 is one that is a humanitarian. You are more awakened and compassionate than others.

Number 11

This master number can mean that you have strong intuition and ethics.

Number 22

The master number 22 tells you that you can manifest tings into your life.

Number 33

This number, the master number, means that you are awakened, and your soul is strong.