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Mediums – Are They Real?

MediumsHave you ever been wondering if mediums are real? Have you experienced getting a psychic reading with them and thinking, how in the world can the mediums know so much about dead people? Is someone providing them information? Maybe there’s a secret something hidden somewhere. So much doubts in your head? Read this!

I admit, a long time ago, I used to think psychics and mediums were just a bunch of scam artists.  My mother would drag me to tarot card parties and most of the things I witnessed were WAY over the top – we’re talking dramatic behavior and dramatic outfits (I seem to recall a long, black cape being worn by one intuitive reader).

To me this was ALL. REALLY. WEIRD.

It wasn’t until I had my own psychic experiences that I started to realize that maybe I was wrong and that psychics and mediums are real after all.

Skeptic to Psychic Medium

I’ve always been a very left brained, analytical kind of girl, and I thought there HAD to be some science behind this.  After all, if I (a super skeptic at the time) could start having intuitive experiences, then I was pretty sure anyone could.

So, way back in 2000, I decided I’d try something new – keeping an open mind.  I signed up for a psychic development class to try to get some insight into the things I was experiencing.

The truth is that I left that class forever changed and completely fascinated by the world of spirit communication and psychic ability.  It was the beginning of my journey into working as a professional intuitive reader and medium, and creating two metaphysical websites.

Are mediums real?  Absolutely.

Yeah, but aren’t some mediums fake?

Of course!  There are certainly some people that claim they’re mediums that aren’t (learn more about psychic scams here).  And if you’ve never had an experience with a real medium before, it can be tricky to figure out who is legitimate and who’s not.

When you’re trying to figure out if a medium is real, you’ll want to look for these things:

  • The reader is warm, positive, and uplifting.  They never give you scary information such as:  your loved one in heaven is unhappy; your loved one is trapped in some afterlife limbo. Those things simply aren’t true.
  • They’ll give you a message from your loved one.  Proving the continuity of life after death and passing on messages from the Other Side are the main “jobs” of a medium.  Some messages are humorous and other times, they’re heartwarming and will give you hope and comfort.

If there are no tricks, how do mediums know so much?

Legitimate mediums are incredibly accurate.  This accuracy can lead people to believe that they are using tricks or Googling their client’s information before a reading.

As a medium and a super-busy mom myself, I can tell you, real mediums don’t have the time or desire to “cheat.”

Actually, the more we know about a client prior to a reading, the harder it is to perform the reading.  Why?  Because intuitive work is right brained work.  Therefore, when we know things about our clients prior to a session, the left side of our brain – the analytical side – can get in the way with logic.  So instead of sensing, knowing too much about a client would cause us to be thinking.

For this reason, most mediums, including myself, like going in “blind,” knowing nothing about their client.

Mediums are like radios

Energy vibrates at different frequencies.  Positive energy has a very high frequency, and negative energy has a lower frequency.

Mediums have developed their extrasensory perceptions to the point where they can tune into energy, much like your radio tunes into various frequencies depending on which station you select.

In other words, real mediums can sense various energies/frequencies, such as the energy of those in the spirit world.  Spirit energy has a very high frequency.

It’s Not Super Dramatic

Information is received by mediums in a gentle and subtle way.  It’s really not as exciting as what’s portrayed on television and in the movies.

It’s less about lightening bolts or being stopped on a road by an ethereal messenger than it is about a few whispered words; a feeling that suddenly changes; or a conviction in that you know something about someone in spirit without ever having met them.

Are Mediums Real?  Yes, but they’re different from psychics

mediums real

What is a Psychic?

Have you ever heard anyone talk about the aura?

The aura is an energy field that surrounds all living things, including plants and animals.

Psychics are people who can sense and interpret this energy.  They may be able to feel the person’s physical or emotional state, or even “see” things about them in their mind’s eye.

What is a Medium?

Mediums are able to detect the energy of living things, just like psychics.

But mediums are also able to do one thing psychics can’t – they can detect even subtler energy – the energy of those in spirit (because those in the spirit world vibrate at a much higher frequency than the living, as there is no physical body).

In other words, mediums can communicate with the dead. In a nutshell, all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

How Mediumship Began

Many people credit the Fox sisters, Kate and Margaret as pioneers who put mediumship on the map.  Way back in 1848, at the young ages of 12 and 15 respectively, the sisters were said to communicate with a man who had been murdered and buried in their home.

Legend says that the spirit of this man would respond when Kate communicated with him by making tapping sounds.

Is this all true?  Who knows.  The “are mediums real” question goes back hundreds of years.

And, as with many stories passed down through the ages, I’m sure there have been embellishments and inaccuracies in the 150+ years since these events took place.  But I’m also sure that people were communicating with spirits long before the Fox sisters.

On an interesting note, the “rapping” experienced by Kate is said to be a form of physical mediumship which is super cool and includes other phenomena such as direct voice (when a spirit speaks through a medium), levitation, and ectoplasm.

The Girl Next Door Could be a Medium

I can guarantee you this:  legitimate mediums are not about blowing smoke. We’re just regular people who happen to be able to communicate with the dead.

I’m sure none of my neighbors know that I – a yoga-pant-wearin’, chocolate-chip-cookie-bakin’ mom – am giving readings via phone and Skype to people from all over the world behind closed doors.

And even though most mediums consider themselves to be spiritual and heart-centered, wanting to help people feel better – that doesn’t mean we don’t have bad days and even use swear words sometimes (OK, maybe that’s just me!).

The famous medium Maureen Hancock wrote a book called The Medium Next Door. If you’re interested in learning more about the life of a legitimate, down-to-earth medium, you’ll definitely want to order a copy of Maureen’s book.

Still Skeptical?

Since I’m a professional psychic medium, I’m definitely a believer in this reality.  But as I said earlier, I used to be a sworn skeptic, so I totally get where non-believers are coming from.

For now, let’s tackle a few common issues regarding mediumship.  This might help you keep more open minded when pondering the question are mediums real?


Some people believe that if a medium can’t quickly and accurately produce every detail about a person in spirit, that he or she is a fraud.  And that is SO not true.

Real mediumship is about:

Delivering messages from loved ones in heaven to those here on the earth plane, giving a voice to those in Spirit and proving the continuity of life after death.

Mediums bridge the gap between the living and the dead.  It’s not about telling people how many fingers they are holding up behind their back.

More Reasons for Skepticism

Some people scoff at mediums because they have been the victim of a fake psychic’s scam.  I’ve heard far too many of these stories, and they break my heart.

For others, their religion sets strong standards about the role of mediums or psychics.  While I can respect this, I also believe that we should have the freedom to do our own research.

Others may have been told something outlandish that can’t be trusted like, “You were Genghis Khan in a former life.”  Really?

No one can prove that you were Genghis Khan in a former life, but a real medium will tell you things that you can validate – like that your grandfather loved to sit and play his guitar in the parlor on Sunday mornings; or that your mom tucked you in with your favorite stuffed pink bunny every night before bed.

When people ask me are mediums real, I say YES, because it’s in this subtlety that there is beauty, love, healing, and hope.

Scientific Proof of Mediumship

mediums real 2

Even with minds and hearts opening up, there are still lots of folks who believe mediums are not real.

So, if you want to know about mediums in general or want to learn how to develop a gift within yourself, why not begin an investigation to get the truth?

Organizations such as the Forever Family Foundation, and the Windbridge Institute are working hard to scientifically prove the existence of mediumship.

And more and more websites and blogs are taking the mystery and “woo-woo” out of this field and bringing people the pure, honest truth about psychic ability.

Keeping an Open Mind

There was a time in the recent past where people would think you were crazy if you answered “yes” to the question, are mediums real?

But in these modern times, there is a more open-minded attitude.  Folks like James Van Praagh, John Edward, and Theresa Caputo are respected by millions and have been highlighted in books, radio and television shows.  The public in general are now more unbiased and tolerant.

Have you ever watched the television show called Ghost Whisperer?  Of course, the show is about entertainment first and foremost, so not every episode is credible from the scientific side of the psychic medium equation, but some episodes are.

Remember, your best tool to discovering if mediums are real is research, just like what you are doing now.

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