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Understanding Channeling and Mediums

downloadChanneling is a modern name for what the Bible calls mediumship or spiritism. A channeler is a mystic who becomes a channel, or receptive agent, for intelligent communications coming from the spirit world.

Channeling is a method of trying to communicate with the spirit world that has existed since antiquity. Most modern channelers learn the art through the practice of Eastern meditation. This mildly altered state of consciousness enables the channeler to psychically perceive spirit messages. These manifest themselves as a “thought voice,” which is perceived in the stillness of the medium’s mind.

Experienced mediums can enter into a trance state whereby the spirit entity takes direct control over the medium’s voice, speaking through it in an accent quite distinct from the medium’s normal mode of speech. It is claimed that the telepathic communications come from highly evolved spirit beings existing in the normally invisible realms of the spirit dimension. Sometimes the medium will have a vision in which he or she sees the spirit in a visible form, manifested in the imagination faculties of the medium’s consciousness. The spirit guides are said to sometimes wear white robes and often radiate brilliant, golden-white light. Channelers claim that the messages received represent divine wisdom and truth, and have beneficial value for mankind.

There are different types of mediumship. Some mediums actually see spirits and hear them as if they were physically present. Others see and hear them as mental images. It’s also possible for some to combine the two.

download (1)Spirits don’t appear “on demand.” Sometimes they come, and sometimes they don’t. I like to say that there really is “life after death” – in other words, spirits are not just hanging around out there in the ether waiting for someone on this side to contact them. They have things to do. When they do come through, they don’t always answer specific questions. You won’t always get an answer to, “Where did Aunt Sadie leave her will?” These types of issues become unimportant when someone has crossed. What is important from their point of view, is life itself, and the lessons their loved ones are learning. Sometimes they’re able to manifest without the intervention of a medium – playing with electronics, turning computers or lights on or off. Other times, they can manifest as the feeling of a loving presence when someone in the family is feeling particularly down or distressed.

imagesA medium is able to raise her or his energy to a certain degree, and spirits who come through, lower their energy – the medium and the spirit meet in the middle. The quality of the communication depends on the ability of the medium. Sometimes the messages are very clear, and sometimes they’re not. We have no control over this; it’s a function of how clear or “muddy” the channel is at any given time. For instance, a spirit coming through might show the number 3, and transmit a “feeling” of siblings. The medium would interpret this to mean that either the spirit, or the person the spirit is communicating with through the medium, has or had 3 siblings. Why don’t spirits just say, “I had three siblings?” Again, it depends on the clarity of the channel. Sometimes they do.

Skeptics sometimes say that if Aunt Sadie Hunter was really coming through, she’d just say, “Hi, I’m your Aunt Sadie Hunter!” What I say is, we’re communicating across worlds here, not just from across the street. It’s a difficult and demanding process, but being the conduit for communication with the spirit world can be well worth it!

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