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If you are searching what clairvoyance is then there is a chance that you are already experiencing signs and matters in your spirit that are leading you to believe that you have this gift.

Everyone has some psychic gift and it is just a matter of them using them if they will be able to enhance what the universe has given them.

When someone has the gift to see into the spirit world, this gift is called clairvoyance. This is a gift that you have likely had for years and might just now be noticing it.

While most people are able to sense spirits before they ever see them, there are clues that can be followed as to why you might be being visited by the spirit world.

These clues come in different ways and can be symbols, dreams, visions, number repetition, lucid dreaming and more.

You might wonder if you are crazy or if you are just imagining things, but the truth is, this is a real gift.

Seeing Spirits

There are different ways that people that have spiritual gifts see spirits and here are some of the ways:

Heat Wave

The spirit is made up of high energies and the spiritual beings have stronger energies than people in the natural world.  If you are somewhere and you feel a heat wave, then chances are you will know that a spirit has come into the room.

This can also appear as something that is fuzzy like a thick air.

Third Eye

Your mind has a third eye and it is part of your chakra.  This is found in your head between your forehead.  This is where your soul can focus on the spirit world and the body has a system and a way of being able to see things beyond just regular sight.

Your third eye is the center of your energies and when you use your third eye to see things then you will be able to see something in the physical that is form the spiritual world.

The best way to understand this is that spirits are naturally born into a body and when they are young, they have natural energies and then when they die, they train themselves to work in the spiritual realm.


If you happen to see flashes or sparkles of light it could be your deceased loved one reaching out to you.

Light can sparkle and flick for different reasons but if you notice it out of the corner of your eyes or you see something that you can’t explain, chances are it is a spirit stopping by to say hi to you.

When the light flickers, and it is from the spirit world, you usually see it out of your peripheral vision.


Even though spirits are loving, they can sometimes take form as a shadow.  This allows them to appear to your o that you can see them.  This doesn’t mean they want to hurt you or scare you; they just want to appear to you in a way that you can see them.

If you have someone that you love that is dead, they might come to you in shadow form to try to say hi and catch your attention.


A spirit that wants to talk to you wants you to notice them so chances are that they might come to you in full form.  They can come looking like a hologram or looking like an outline.  Maybe you will only see a glimpse of them, and the reason is that it takes a lot of energy for them to come back int hat form.

You can ask them to visit you in full form and they will try their best to do this but not all spirits know how to focus on their energies.  This is a skill that takes spirits time to learn.

Most of the time, you will see these figures in your peripheral vision because they don’t want to scare you or cause you to be fearful.

When you become more comfortable with them, they will appear more and more to you in different forms and then you will see them more clearly.


If you think you saw something go by or something standing in the doorway, or if you thought you heard your name being called or saw a flash of light before you, chances are your spirit is trying to contact you.

Remember to stay open and to be ready to talk to them without being afraid so that they will visit you more and more.

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