Mediums That Receive Messages from the Dead

Mediums That Receive Messages from the Dead

Mediums are people that will receive information from the dead.  Sometimes when a medium becomes a medium, he or she has a job working as a psychotherapist or working in a hospital or counseling setting.  Sometimes, it is hard to understand what being a psychic means and many people have the notion that it has to do with crystal balls and beaded curtains.

When someone has the gift of being a psychic, they just seem to know things.  Sometimes this is scary to them and they become afraid.  If they tell others, sometimes they will be scorned while some people meet others that have the same type of intuition and will help them to figure out what is going on with their gift.

Starting Out

When a psychic starts out, they might find out that the information is being downloaded to their mind.  They might hear noises and smell smells.  Most of the time, most psychics will get information from the spirit they are connecting to or to some other spirit.  Sometimes, someone with this gift, will hear things in their mind and not really know why except that they are connected to another spirit.  You will know that you do not have a mental disease because you know what that looks like.


Everyone hears information differently.  Some will just feel things, and some will actually hear things in their mind.  It depends on how the spirit contact you.


Each psychic does things differently and the spirits can bring information differently.  Some will work with crystals and will use them to increase the energies.  These crystals can help the psychic to relax and to be able to ground themselves.  We are not sure how the information comes from the spirits but one thing we know is that they are all connected through energies.

Sometimes the spirits are so strong that they will come to their relatives or friends so that they can apologize or bring a message.  Sometimes the spirits apologize over and over again.

After connecting with the spirit, sometimes a psychic will feel the need to relax and to meditate to regain their energies.  They will say goodbye and will feel free.

Background Work

Having a medical background can help a psychic to be able to connect with a spirit.  They will understand helping others and will understand about how to focus on other people.  They want to help others and will detail things in their life, and it will be like getting a service.  This can be a service that is helpful and can bring out different feelings/

Random Feelings

Most of the time psychics will have random feelings but it is important for them to set up boundaries so that they can be happy and not be overwhelmed.  People will always ask to channel their loved ones and it is important that a psychic learns to take time for themselves.

How Do People Feel?

After talking to people, it is hopeful to the psychic that they feel better and get the answers and peace that they need.  A psychic is meant to help others feel better and a good psychic will work hard to make this happen.


  1. The connection between having a medical background and being a psychic is intriguing. It makes sense that understanding human behavior and having empathy would be helpful in this field.

    • I agree. The emphasis on empathy and helping others suggests that psychics must possess not just a unique gift but also a deep understanding of human emotions.

    • Indeed, possessing a medical background could provide additional tools for a psychic to navigate their experiences and better assist those seeking their help.

  2. I appreciate the balanced explanation of how psychics receive and interpret information. The article does a good job of demystifying the process without resorting to sensationalism.

  3. The article’s discussion about the different ways psychics receive information, such as through smells or sounds, was fascinating. It’s a reminder that people experience the world in incredibly varied ways.

  4. Setting boundaries seems crucial for psychics to maintain their well-being. The article underlines the importance of self-care, which is relevant for anyone in a helping profession.

  5. The article provides a detailed overview of what it means to be a psychic medium, which I found quite informative. It clarifies common misconceptions and gives insight into the experiences of those with this gift.


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