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Are Your Loved Ones Spirit’s Trying to Contact You?

Has one of your loved ones passed on to the other side? Do you miss them so much you ache to communicate with them?  And have you ever felt that you weren’t truly alone? Or, have you felt a light breeze that gave your chills? It’s possible  that a loved …

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Answers To Most Intriguing Life Questions

For everyone who still doesn’t know what a medium is.. It is a person who claims that they can sense things from the other side and talk to the dead. Now some of you may call bullshit already but I’ve done quite a few readings on books by mediums  and I …

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GHOSTS; Do They Really Exist

   It wasn’t until the past decade where ghost hunting became a widespread interest around the world and despite the modern civilization.. many are still looking for them.. afraid of them and believing that they exist but do they? Actually, much of this phenomena if you may call it is due …

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Loving Your Dearly Departed

As strange as it sounds, you may be able to keep in touch with a loved one after they have a passed on.  It may even be initiated by the dearly departed.   Your loved one may have a reason for trying to reach you. Psychics have reported that clients have …

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Helping a Spirit to Cross Over

When someone dies, their spirit crosses over to the other side. Sometimes,however, the spirit does not crossover. They put themselves in some kind of limbo between this world and the next. Each spirit has its own reasons for lingering.  Often it is because they feel that they have unfinished business. …

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How to Fix Your Haunted House

      Home is where you lay your head… unless your house has unwanted spiritual guests wandering about. Then, home can be a space of stress and negative energy. But how do you know if that one room that’s always cold has a ghost or just drafty windows? Let’s talk …

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What Happens After Death

It is a question that has occurred to all of us; is there an afterlife where we will be free of our suffering and strife? Sometimes when can communicate to the spirit world through a medium and they tell us what it is like to pass over.  The medium will …

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