Thursday , December 14 2017
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Is It High Time To Contact Your Deceased Loved Ones?

   One of our clients, Angela came to our reading with the desire to reach out to her recently deceased mother. Her mother had gone into a coma after a stroke and Angela had sat with her in those final days making amends over some past hurts but her mom never …

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A Paranormal Psychic

    As we are living in the modern times, the words “psychic” and “the paranormal” would stirs up all kinds of scary imaginings like ghosts, levitating chairs, things that go bump in the night, etc. However,  from a psychic’s perspective, it’s actually not the least bit unsettling to place the two terms side-by-side. …

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What Can Shadow People Do To You?

     Are afraid of ghost? Not thrilled to meet an alien? What about shadow people? Have you heard of them?  If not, you are not alone. In a world full of unexplained phenomenon, there are many that we simply don’t talk about that often, and some we haven’t even …

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A Way For All Types Of Ghosts To Leave You

   A lot of people if not everyone often asked if ghosts are real… and, if they are, what do they want and what are they doing here? I have first-hand experience with ghosts, as do many of my clients. Ghosts come in a few flavors and can create anything from annoyance …

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Call A Medium If Your House Is Haunted

      Your home is your sanctuary and it’s a place where you feel most safe and secure but if you think there are ghosts in your house then it can be a different case altogether. You can lose sleep for being so scared all the time, or at …

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Development of Mediumship

       A huge part for the development that we had to go through as a medium was getting to know our own minds,  As mediums, it is necessary that we know where our own thoughts end and when spirit impressions begin, and in learning this we have to expand our consciousness to …

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