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The Best Gift I’ve Ever Had Came from The Other Side

The season of gifting has come and most of us are very busy finding the best gifts for our friends, family, and loved ones. Of course, we want to gift them something meaningful but won’t hurt our pocket. To simplify things, always remember that little things mean a lot. Let …

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Essentially, channeling means receiving messages or other communication from the spirit world and translating these messages to people on this plane of existence. It is exactly like working as a translator, but instead of interacting with two different cultures, you are working with two different phases of consciousness. The act …

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8 Indicators Your Child May See Ghosts

Watching the movie “flick Casper The Friendly Ghost” as an adult gets me thinking about what kids are actually able to see. Dear Mom, have you ever seen your kid speaking to an imaginary friend? Every parent has at some point. It’s a pretty normal part of growing up process that …

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The World’s 10 Most Famous Mediums

Who are the most famous mediums in the world? If you’re looking for genuine and legitimate mediums, you’ve come to the right place! The 10 most famous mediums are highly respected. They have thousands of social media fans and followers, and are the subjects of countless online searches. 1. George …

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Knowing the Archangels and Their Deeds

Archangels have the unique ability to be in several places at once.  They are our guardians and they are here to help ups with our problems. Their guidance helps us grow, and though they can hear our thoughts, we should not hesitate to speak to them. They will guide us …

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Benefits of opening your third eye

If you think that you only have two eyes, you are incorrect. Each of us has three eyes. Our third eye  helps use access the best knowledge we can. The two eyes you can see are important. The third eye is not visible but it’s just as real as other …

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Are Ouija Boards Safe?

An Ouija board is more than a board game. It is, quite simply, a divination tool. Its purpose is to answer questions by inviting spirits to speak to the people who are using the board. Of course, there’s no guarantee that anything will happen at all if you use one. …

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Losing a Loved One: How to Keep Going

We all live knowing that one day, we will die. Despite this, grief takes on a whole new meaning when we lose someone we love. When the death is someone close to us, like a spouse, parent, or sibling, grief hits hard. The process of grieving takes us through a …

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Spiritualism Yesterday and Today

If you have ever been involved in a seance or used a Ouija board or otherwise tried to contact the souls of the deceased, you have tabled in the practices of spiritualism. What is Spiritualism? The craze of the occult known as spiritualism swept the English-speaking world over the years …

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