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The Difference Between Being a Medium and Being a Psychic

The Difference Between Being a Medium and Being a Psychic

When looking at the difference between a psychic and medium, it is the same situation with any career.  A psychic can tune into what other people are feeling and can feel their energy while a medium is a specialist that can do readings and tune into the feelings of others who are no longer on the Earth.

Mediums are able to connect with spirits that have crossed over to the other side and to ghosts or spirits that have not crossed over.  Some mediums are able to do this while others are not.  A real medium should be able to communicate with people you love that have died but there are many fakes that claim to be mediums.  You need to make sure not to fall into the trap of hotlines or pay by the minute psychics.  You need to always check the credentials of the psychic you choose because they are not all the same.  Psychics that have a good reputation will tell you the fees before the reading.

Psychic Abilities

Some psychic mediums are clairvoyant which means that they can see the spirits, and some are also clairaudient which means they can hear them speaking to them in their minds.  This is a telepathic speaking, and this can include nicknames, places or words that sound like a whisper.

If your medium is clairsentient, it means that they can sense the pain and emotions of other people.  They can also see personalities and know more about them.  If they are Clair ambient, they can smell things from spirits that are symbolic smells.  Those that have remote viewing abilities are able to tune into a person that is out of this world.  A medium that is medical intuitive means that they get health information in readings that work in the physical body.

Each spirit can communicate differently while some will show images, others might speak or act differently and show their personalities.  Some spirits have just recently died and are new to communicating with a medium and this can be a different reading all together.


It is a good idea to be a skeptic about who you choose to be your medium.  Like any other career, you can have a good medium or one that is a fake or a fraud.  Some have a lot of practice and some will work with no integrity.  Each psychic will have different skills and abilities depending on their experiences.

You need to make sure you find a good medium when you want a reading.  Some people have bad experiences and will remember this but just because you get a bad experience does not mean all psychics are bad and are unaware of the truth and integrity.

There is always going to be a good medium and a bad medium and some people will try to do readings just to get money because they are not real mediums.  Make sure to have references before you choose an individual and that you find someone that does not ask you for personal information such as your birthday or a picture of someone.  In some cases, a medium will not want to know anything about you before they do a reading.  Some will even let you set your appointment in a different name just to help you feel more secure.

Once you find a good medium, you need to be open minded.  If you go into a reading thinking the person isn’t real, then it is hard to change that belief.  This is true when the person is religious or believes in science and they are afraid of the reading.

Sometimes, even if the medium has detailed information, a person that has a closed mind will not accept that it is real.  There are people that be afraid and do not understand death and they are hard to convince that mediums are real.

Focus on the Reading

You need to focus on the questions that the medium asks you and focus on whatever you want to know.  You need to do this so that the medium can get the information.  The medium cannot control the spirit, and neither can you and the important thing to remember is that the spirit does not follow laws of logic.

There are different laws in the spirit world than the physical world and things do not operate the way that you want them to.  You have to realize you are not in control of the reading and that channeling a spirit is different than controlling a reading.  The energy flow can make the reading difficult and can affect your reading if you do not have an open mind.

You need to open up to whatever comes through the reading and remember that the medium is only delivering the message and not making the message.  If the message seems unimportant at the time, do not forget it because it can be important in your future.  Try to keep an open mind.

Try to remember all the information and know that all of the information will not make sense at the time, but it can years down the line.  Do not take information wrong or as being incorrect.  This is why you can even record your sessions so that you can listen to them again and see if the information becomes valid later.  Spirits will give information and symbols that might make sense only later.

Will Your Loved One Speak?

Mediums should never promise that the loved ones will speak to you.  Sometimes, spirits will speak when they are called on but sometimes, they will not.  It is important to know that the spirits only come to say hello and offer comfort for you.  They don’t want you to be upset or to be scared.  Sometimes they will stop communicating if they think they are upsetting you.

Can You Ask Questions?

You can ask anything that you want to ask.  Sometimes the information will come back to you but sometimes they will not.  Your loved one might not want to give you answers to your questions.  They will not do anything that will affect you personally or that will cause you to change what you are doing.  Sometimes they might give advice to you or alert you to things in your future.

People have to know that once the medium opens up the reading that they are unable to control who comes to speak to them.  It could be the person you want to talk with or someone random.  This is a magical time and you can hear from people on both sides.  It could even be someone that knows who you are but that you don’t know who they are.

When a medium is working, he or she is just giving the information that you want them to give.  The medium will not most likely understand all the information but will do the best to describe it to you and show you what you might need to know.

Hearing the Information

Most mediums can hear information such as names or places but not through their ears.  They are hearing things through their thoughts.  Sometimes they can hear sounds that people make and sometimes they get it wrong.  They might think they hear the word “Becky” when it is “Nicky.”  Being a medium is not always a perfect science.

Spirits sometimes do not say who they are.  Sometimes they communicate clearly who they are and sometimes they don’t.  You can even have people show up that were exes and are still connected to you in some way.  If they come during a reading, you need to accept them and see what they have to say to you.

Evil Spirits

Some people think that a medium brings forth evil spirits but know that you are always protected in the light of the spirit.

Predicting the Future

Some people want their future read and want to know what is going on later in their lives.  Some mediums can look into the future but not the way people think they can.  A psychic can never see 100% into the future because there is always free that will change the way things go.

You write your own future each day with the things that you do, and this can change directions at any time depending on the choices that you make.  A mediums job is to make sure that you have insight into the choices and obstacles in your life.


People will say that a medium has a gift, and this is true.  This is a gift to be useful to the humans and to help people in their lives.  Hopefully, you can find the right medium to bring a gift to you in your life.

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