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Spiritualism Yesterday and Today

If you have ever been involved in a seance or used a Ouija board or otherwise tried to contact the souls of the deceased, you have tabled in the practices of spiritualism. What is Spiritualism? The craze of the occult known as spiritualism swept the English-speaking world over the years …

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Communicating with Your Angel

Everyone has a spirit guide or more of spirit guides, and we all have the ability to listen to them. They whisper to us because they are at a higher frequency, so we have to be very still, silent, open and accepting. Angels are there to help you, no matter …

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Ouija Board: Do’s & Don’ts

What is a Ouija Board? Today it’s a paranormal communication device currently marketed and sold by Hasbro as a board game. Historically, it’s a method for talking with the dead. Where does this come from? The ancient Chinese as a form of automatic writing starting over 900 years ago. The …

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Alcatraz and other hauntings

Alcatraz is an infamous prison that was built in the 1850’s by its first inmates, military prisoners.   This prison was colloquially known as the “The Rock”.   The prison was used by the army for eighty-three years, at that time, the Federal Government decided to turn it into a penitentiary for …

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Making contact with a loved with thorough a medium

Coping with grief is a terrifying experience. Hundreds of people have been helped by psychic mediums.  Those who are grieving can be helped by receiving messages from their dearly departed. Not only have the grieving been helped, but they have also had their lives changed.  When we are assured that …

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7 Common Messages from Your Deceased Loved Ones

As a medium, I spend a lot of time connecting people on Earth with their Loved Ones on the Other Side, passing messages of inspiration, hope and guidance. Just as we on Earth use our own personal life experiences to provide others with guidance in their lives, your loved ones …

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Dream Spirit Visitors

A very common dream involves spirits visiting their loved ones.  Almost everyone who has lost someone experiences a visitation from their dearly departed.  Some dismiss this visit as part of the grieving process. While that may be partly true, a visit from a spirit is also a way for those …

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How can a psychic medium see the future?

Whether you want to communicate with your beloved ones from the far side or you want to know what will happen in the future, a psychic medium can help you. It was proven that a psychic medium is not only capable of predicting and seeing the future, but also they …

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How to develop your abilities to be a psychic medium?

A psychic medium help us communicate with our beloved ones who have passed away to have answers to our unresolved questions, and they also help us see into the future. They use different methods to see future’s insights such as Tarot card reading, Crystal ball, palmistry, and psychometric. We communicate …

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