Getting Rid of Negative Energies

Getting Rid of Negative Energies

The place that you should feel the safest is in your home, but the truth is that a lot of negativity enters between your home.

When you have strong emotions, you will experience different feelings and the energy of your home can cause you to hang on to these emotions and not even realize it.

There are different healing techniques that you can use in order to clear the negativity out of your area. If you want to get rid of the negative energy in your home and have a positive environment, here are some things you can do:

Open the Windows

One thing that you can do is to open the windows. Tell the negative energies to leave and imagine that they are going out of your house and out of the window.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a very great protective and healing crystal. Not only is it good at what it does, it is cheap to buy. Put the black tourmaline around your home especially where you have different electronics to get rid of the negative energies.


Nature is one thing that you can use in order to get rid of negativity. Put houseplants around your house to suck up the negative energies in your home.

Use different plants such as sage, lavender, eucalyptus and more to get rid of the negative energies and to make your home smell better.

Room Spritz or Incense

Use different incenses such as lavender, frankincense, sage, rose and more. This can help to cleanse your energy and help you to enjoy the smell of your home.

Take a spray bottle and spritz around your home.  Add some essential oils to water and if you want to, go as far as adding some smoke.

Move Furniture

When you want to balance the environment’s energy you can use Feng shui. By changing your environment and balancing things in your home, it can be part of the feng shui energy.

Feng shui energy is an ancient way of balancing your environment and the energy in your area. When you have your mind moving and you see things the same all the time, it can cause you to feel bad or negative. Move things around so that you can feel emotionally stable.

Moving the furniture to face a different direction can make you feel calm and secure. There is no real reason for this that we can explain but it works.

When you are wanting to cleanse your energy of your environment, do whatever you can to get rid of the negative feelings in your home.

Sometimes we can get stuck in emotions of anger, fear, hurt and pain. When you learn to get rid of these things in your home, you will see that you have become more compassionate, loving and kind.