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Psychic Premonition

Psychic Premonition

A dream that causes a mother to make sure her child has their seatbelt on or a feeling that a mom gets to pull her child out of the bed only seconds before a light falls down on the bed is something that is considered paranormal or psychic gifting.  There are many stories about people that have things happen to them and they pay attention to the intuition and know that they have to make a choice seconds before something happens.

Even a doctor named Larry Dossey experienced paranormal feelings when he first started practicing medicine and he realized that he was facing a phenomena of premonitions and when he would listen to himself, he would follow his hunches and know that he did the right thing.


Some of the earliest premonitions are recorded in history and there are ancestors that are greater to have survived if they were passed down in the genes of people and now, they are wired with the gift of premonition.  We now see this forewarning inside of us that can warn us of an upcoming event or disaster.  These are not absolute and can be a foretell of events such as a job promotion coming up or winning lottery tickets.

How They Occur

Premonitions can occur in dreams, when awake or be symbolic or real.

Taking Premonitions Seriously

There are five things that you should follow and know when to take a premonition seriously such as:

  • When it is about a crisis or death
  • When there are vivid and like real life
  • When the dream happens again and again
  • When it is associated with physical symptoms
  • If it is experienced by a spouse or partner or close friend

Scientific Evidence

There are four kinds of scientific evidence for premonitions including:

  • The body responds to future events.
  • This can be an individual getting information and then it comes weeks later.
  • Online tests that show precognitive functions
  • Global efforts that show event generators.

Close Bond Premonition

When someone that we love is about to face a problem, these can be warnings that are common between a parent and their child or between a sibling or a partner.  These are ones that come with compassion and love.

Inviting Premonitions

Even though no one can tell a premonition to come, you can invite them in your life, and they can become effective.  This can become a discipline in your mind and allow you to receive subtle messages without there being confusion.  This is a part of meditation and being a part of nature and being quiet in life.


Premonitions can come as dreams and so it is important that you keep a diary of your dreams.  Do this if you have dreams while awake or asleep.

Revealing Spirits

Premonitions can be a bridge to the soul and the value is a warning of upcoming dangers.  They show a timeless aspect of the consciousness and are eternal.

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