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Understanding Claircognizance

Understanding Claircognizance

Some people just know. You understand the types. They can “read people like a book” or seem to know things that are going to happen without question. They aren’t psychics but seem to have certain abilities that are linked to psychics. Maybe this is a friend, or a partner, or maybe even yourself. The gift is claircognizance.

Defining Claircognizance

Claircognizance is the ability to know without any rational explanation. They haven’t heard or read it before so it is the knowledge that comes from their mind, but it is accurate. Claircognizance is also called the word of knowledge in religious circles.

This skill, or gift, can come as clairaudience, which is hearing it both internally and externally. It can also come as clairvoyance, which is having visions or seeing symbols, or as clairsentience, which is having an increased physical sense in hearing, sight or touch.

The Process of Knowing

People with this gift just know. They can tell incredible details about a person without knowing them or able to predict events with incredible accuracy. Those who have this gift describe it as receiving a “download” of information all at once through the mind. The heart and gut are not involved. This is purely a gift of the mind. You do not struggle to get it. There is no doubt about it. It just downloads and your intuition tells you it is 100 percent correct.

Some of this gift is defined as claircognizant empathy This is when an empath can decipher information from someone’s energy. As an empath, you instantly know the truth. You can tell when someone is lying. An empath with claircognizance will also know what to do in any number of situations. They make for great leaders in a crisis.

How Do You Know If You Have Claircognizance?

There are several ways to determine if you have this gift. The first is to understand that everyone has a little psychic ability in that we all have some aspect of creativity, impulsive ideas, or feelings about people we meet or situations we’re in. Sometimes, our subconscious picks up on body language or other clues that give us an impression that seems to come out of nowhere.

Being a claircognizant goes beyond that to know things you couldn’t possibly know. There is a preacher who regularly calls out strangers in the audience, identifies them by their full name, their spouse’s full name, children, home address, work address, and birthdays. He then tells them what they should do about a problem that he knows nothing about before the event. That is claircognizance.

Other signs of this gift include:

You can tell a fake person from someone genuine.

  • People call you for help when their solutions to a problem fail.
  • You have quick and impulsive ideas regularly, sometimes to the point of frequently interrupting others with these thoughts.
  • You think a lot and write regularly.
  • You can find lost items when you focus on finding them.
  • You seem to know when things aren’t a good idea, even if others don’t.
  • You can answer questions about a variety of things that you have no personal knowledge of.
  • You envision projects in their final result before you start.
  • You are left-brained and love learning new things.
  • There are a lot of coincidences in your life.
  • You have impulses to do things that bring you to reward and favor.
  • You have an occupied mind that constantly streams information.

Developing Your Gift

Developing your claircognizance isn’t difficult, but does take some awareness and time. There are ways you can enhance it naturally.

First, be aware of any sudden thoughts or commands that may come your way. At first, you may just want to write them down before acting on them or sharing them. This will build confidence because it will be a written record that can be proven as more details come to light.

This also goes for inspiration and ideas. As you get sudden thoughts or creative ideas, write them down. This will prove helpful if you later choose to act on them.

Once, a couple was going to the beach and got in a car where the leather seats were hot. They remarked that since cars now come with heated seats, it would make sense to have them come with cooling seats. They relished the idea and wondered how it could be made into a reality. They didn’t pursue it any further.

A year or so later, a car manufacturer comes out with cooling seats.

These are the types of things that can be documented in your writing to build your case for your gift as well as your confidence.

Be sure to spend some time quietly reflecting. Every claircognizant needs some downtime from their overactive mind. Quiet time also allows for your mind to accept new “downloads” that can be easily missed during an active day.

Be sure to read a lot and keep learning new things. Those with this gift you need to always be learning. Take up a new instrument or hobby. Study a foreign culture or philosophy. Claircognizants tend to be highly intelligent so they thirst for deep knowledge and drift into hard subjects like quantum physics, outer space, and mysteries.

Learn to act on your awareness. There comes a time when your knowledge requires you to do something and you must have the confidence that your action is the right thing. It could be to pray for someone right then, or to give someone some money without them asking, or to go somewhere you hadn’t planned to go. Don’t talk yourself out of these things as long as it makes practical sense. For instance, you wouldn’t immediately fly to Europe but maybe you might immediately go visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Learning to live with your newfound ability can be challenging at first because it appears so odd and random. As you grow with it, it begins to make more sense and you will see how this knowledge plays into the overall scheme of your life. It can be an incredibly beneficial gift for your life and all those around you.

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