Loving Your Dearly Departed


As strange as it sounds, you may be able to keep in touch with a loved one after they have a passed on.  It may even be initiated by the dearly departed.   Your loved one may have a reason for trying to reach you.

Psychics have reported that clients have said that they feel the presence of a loved one.  The clients feel that their loved one is in trouble or feeling some kind of distress.

On the contrary, those who have passed over have several reasons for reaching out.  They simply want to reach out to you, knowing that you miss them, and they just want to reassure you that they are still with you.

They may also want to alleviate your worry about them.   When we lose someone, we tend to worry about words unsaid and other unfinished business. They may send you a sign, such as the scent of favorite flower.  You may also notice that a number or symbol appears with frequency.   This is your loved one reaching out to you.

If you haven’t received a sign, that fine.  They are still safe. They may not be able to reach out yet. They may need some time to adjust to their new plane of existence  just as you need to adjust to your loss.

Why do we have this need to hear from our loved one? Because we want to know if they have arrived safely and that they are getting along well.  When we know they are safe and happy. Once we have received  this knowledge we can relax.  Our family knows this about us and want us to live our best lives without them.

Our family in heaven wish us to know that they want to comfort us. As spiritual beings our bodies are only one facet of us.  The soul goes on forever. When our loved one sees our troubles and turmoil, they want us to feel supported when we are alone and missing them and when our lives are going through changes.

Psychics have reported that spirits will talk about significant events that they have observed. This may be surprising to us on this plane of existence because we haven’t told anyone about this.

This communication is simply a way for the departed to tell us that they love us and are always with us. We should be comforted and encouraged to know that we are not alone.