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The Best Gift I’ve Ever Had Came from The Other Side

cel-wrapping-01_300The season of gifting has come and most of us are very busy finding the best gifts for our friends, family, and loved ones. Of course, we want to gift them something meaningful but won’t hurt our pocket. To simplify things, always remember that little things mean a lot. Let that be your guide as you choose your gifts.

A Gift From the Other Side

The best gift I’ve ever received wasn’t material. It cost nothing. It was a gift from the other side. My grandson, who passed away at the tender age of seven years old, took me on a journey. It was like watching a movie. He showed me what he had been through, as he struggled to stay alive. I saw the many doctors who tried to save him. He was so tired.

download (6)The Struggle Ends

But he came out of that struggle, on the other side. He showed me that he was holding a beautiful cross covered in white flowers. In the center of the white flowers were red flowers, shaped like a heart. He showed me how whole and truly happy he was in his new, heavenly home. It was a beautiful thing to see.

A Future Reunion

I asked him if he wanted to come home with me. Reluctantly (because I am his grandma and he didn’t want to hurt my feelings), he said no. Then he told me he would see me later. He walked away, smiling.

Peace and Hope

My daughter was going through a period of indescribable anguish and confusion at this time, and when I shared her son’s gift to me with her, it gave her peace and hope that she could join him one day too in that most lovely place. Now my daughter lives her life with hope, strength and inner peace—all because my grandson gave me the gift of contact from the other side, 12 years ago.

images (11)Deep, Meaningful Gifts Are Meant to Be Shared

Deep, meaningful gifts tell our loved ones that we will always be there for them. When my grandson reached out to me, he gave me a deep, meaningful gift that I could share with others—namely, my daughter. I hope my story inspires you to really give from the heart. I hope this year, you see the season of gifting differently.

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