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Psychic Mediums

Different Types of Psychic Mediums and What They Do

Mediums are psychics that help you to reach beyond the physical world and into the spiritual world. This is a connection that you can have with the dead and with the living alike. There are some psychics that are mediums but not all psychics are mediums and there are different forms. If you are looking for a medium, it is important to know what type of individual you are looking for.

Mental Medium

A mental medium is a person that uses sensations and feelings in order to reach the spirit. They use things such as:

  • Claircognizance-knowing different facts and information without having it before them.
  • Clairsentience-being able to feel the different motions and feelings of others.
  • Clairaudient-someone that hears things without using their ears.
  • Clairvoyant-seeing things in the spirit realm.

Physical Medium

A physical medium is someone that uses different tools of divination or objects in order to reach the spirit world:

  • Levitation-making objects to move or float.
  • Transfiguration-transforms a picture into a different image that they are communicating with.
  • Materialization-feeling the spirit in the room.

You may or may not be able to feel these physical things but if you choose a medium that is a physical medium, you might have this manifestation happen to you.

Healing Medium

A healing medium is someone that uses their energy to heal others. They are able to use their spirit to bring healing to people around them. They use their hands and put them on the person, and they send their energies to that person’s body.

Channeling Medium

A channeling medium is someone that allows the spirits to enter their body and take control of it during a meeting. They accept messages from the spirit world, and they allow spirits to give them certain messages. This can cause a trance or something similar to that when you do a reading with them.


If you are wanting to get a message to the spirit world or you are wanting to talk to someone that has passed away, you can work with a medium and find out what they can do to give you what you are seeking.

Find the medium that meets your needs the best and one that gives you what you are wanting during your spiritual journey.

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