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9 Indications that Spirits are trying to Make Contact by Psychic Scarlet

There are ways to know when the spirits are initiating contact since as a psychic medium I’ve dealt with them most of the time.

The spirits usually let us know when they are around and if they want to communicate with us through the following common ways.

  1. Apparition Smells

9 Indications that Spirits are trying to Make Contact by Psychic ScarletThe memories of an individual who has died which are the sudden appearance of spirit-like smells are always noticed by family members once an individual has passed away.  It can be after weeks, months and even years after the person has died. The scents are linked with the person’s existence. These are perfumes, cigars, and gasoline. The smell frequently reminds us of the individual who has died. Smell than any other sense is always linked with memory. The individual is brought back only for a short while when we experience this sense of ghostly smell.

  1. Dreams

The dead find it easy to communicate through visions especially when a person they want to communicate to has access to the spirit realm. It is known that both the living and the dead both travel into the astral realms while asleep.  At times dreaming of an individual who passed away is just part of the subconscious mind and not a message. When a dream about a loved one is stressed then it might be him or her making contact. You are together side by side in the dream life. It is through dreams that the dead pass their messages to us. The dead frequently use signals to pass their feelings and thoughts. Focus on those messages.

  1. The Sudden Appearance of Meaningful Objects

When certain important objects appear suddenly, it’s an indication of a dead loved one trying to contact or convey a message. This could be an item that was associated with them when they were alive such as letters, pictures, clothing, and belongings.

  1. Spirit Touches

Though a spirit touch can be disconcerting, it usually happens. A spirit can touch, pat and even push you in haunted areas. When the spirit, however, touches you slowly and softly it means a deceased loved or friend is trying to reassure you. at times you feel like a soft hand has been placed on your shoulder or at times feel like your whole body is being caressed.

  1. Hearing the Voices of Deceased Loved ones

This frequently takes place when you’re thinking about something. You might hear someone calling your name but you don’t see them. Then you tempted to ask if someone has called you but nobody agrees. At times the voice is not loud therefore can’t be recognized.

Spirit voices can also be heard through a type of “white noise “meaning that time when there are frequencies in the room that’s blotting out the silence.

  1. Knocking Sounds

These are sounds that are experienced after a person’s death. They can be, a knock on the door sounds coming from inside a wall or a room. They simply mean, “Hello, I made it. I’m still around but I’m also in this other place.”

  1. What Small Children Say

Children are closer to heaven than we are since they’re very pure since they just left heaven to be with us in this world. Always be alert when children talk about individuals you knew and they didn’t. Always acknowledge them. However, as these children grow older the link between them and the spirit is lost.

  1. Pets Act Strangely

Since pets are sensitive to spirits they can bark at anything out of suspicion. You can’t tell whatever they barking at but maybe they remember seeing someone in that area. Pets can always see the unseen.

  1. Seeing Shapes and Forms in Your Peripheral Vision

The spirit rarely comes in form of a full-body apparition and if they do then they most likely will look like the way they did when they were alive. The spirits can, however, be frequently seen in forms of shapes and peripheral or side visions. Note that it is essential not contact your loved ones until they transform and have gotten used to their new spiritual world. If you continue being bitter for long then their progress to the next world can be disrupted. You will day reunite with your loved ones but at the moment know that loved ones have not gone forever.

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