Cleansing Ghosts from Your Home


Do you ever have the feeling that someone is watching you, or that you aren’t alone, even though you are the only one home?   You may have spirits sharing your space.  You can remove these spirits, benign or otherwise from hour home by taking a few simple steps.

Cleanse your home

Start by removing anything that may provide the spirit may hide in or behind.  This includes mail that hasn’t been read, or furniture that isn’t being used or any other clutter your may have gathered.   It is widely believed that spirits love disorganization so the more organized you keep your house, the better.

Next  you should clean your house from top to bottom. Don’t just tidy up, sweep, dust, vacuum every available space.  Open the windows to fully air everything out.

Smudge your house to  push the spirits out.

Now that your house is clean, there are few different ways to get rid of the spirits.  One of the most common methods is smudging.   To smudge your house you will need a bundle of dried sage or a smudge stick.

Light the bundle in the area where you feel that the spirits are strongest.  Let the fumes from the smudge drive out the spirit, then go from room to room if you feel your spirits have spread to a larger area.

Bless Your Home With Water or Oil

As you may already know, religious ceremonies use holy water.  You can use water or oil that has been blessed by clergy. If there are none available you can consult a trusted, live psychic. Once you have the  blessed fluid, sprinkle the water in the areas of your home that are affected by spirits.  If you are using oil, draw a symbol of protection on the entrance of your home to hold the spirits at bay.

Protect Your Home With Sea Salt

If none of the above steps work, you will need to take additional steps to cleanse your house.  One of the oldest materials used to drive out spirts  is Sea salt.  Due to its origins in the ocean, Sea salt has long been thought to have ancient powers.  The Sea salt can be used in two different ways.   You can guide the spirits out by scattering the salt in the place where the spirits seem to congregate as you verbalize your desire for the spirits to leave.  You can also use long-term guardianship by placing salt across all doors , windows and other entrances to your home.   If the salt is in place and you make it clear that the spirits are not welcome, it is more than likely that they will leave.

If you are interested in  hearing what your spirits have to say, contact a psychic to help you communicate  with them so that you may better understand them.

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