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Light up Your Life with Spirit Guides

Everyone who inhabits this world has a spirit guide. Some believe that these helpers are assigned to us at birth.  Spirit guides are part of our unconscious

the help guide us to complete our life journeys.  Spirit guides can also be viewed as a part of ourselves that are revealed in many different forms and shapes.

However you, personally, view spirit guides, it is true that every one of us needs a little extra help and guidance in our lives.  Spirit guides are part of our shared human experience.  They guide us to greater clarity, joy, freedom and peace.  There are several different types of spirit guides.

Seven  Types of Spirit Guides

Spirit guides can come in many forms.  A spirit guide could be as simple a puff of air or could be a fully formed being that is the result of a spiritual journey.  Since there are so many kinds of spirit guides, here is a list of seven basic types.

  1. Trans species (half man half beast)

The half/human  half/animal is a common type of spirit guide. Examples of these are centaurs, harps, fauns and other trans-species.  Some spirit guides are also forms of deities such as Anubis (Egyption god) Ganesha (Indian god)   Your spirit guide may reach out to you when you need them and they may take on one of these forms.

  1. Animals/Totems

The most well-known spirit guides are animals. This type of spirit guide is very popular, mostly because they are accessible in our daily lives.   Ancient cultures used animals to represent their tribes and line of family. Today animals represent our own wants and needs.

  1. Light Beings

Light beings are also known as guardian angels.  Many see their guardian angel as a spirit guide.  This type of spirit guide is used to help people through particularly traumatic situations like grief and loss.  This type of guide is called a light being because they appear as bright or glowing.

  1. Ancestors

Some spirit guides are attached to us by a connection to our families or ethnic background.  This type of guide can be someone you have lost recently or even someone related to you that died centuries ago.  You may feel that you have an unnamed connection to this spirit guide, but know that they are reaching out to you for a reason.

  1. Plants

Because our world is filled with living energy, plants are also a source of spiritual  support.  This is seen in the use of herbs and teas to help us relax, focus or even reach a higher plane of understanding.

  1. Gods and Goddesses

Throughout the history of the civilized world, gods and goddesses have been worship and feared. There are different deities in every culture and religion. These gods may also serve as spirit guides.

  1. Ascended Masters

This type of spirit guide is unique because they are beings who used to reside on earth but fulfilled their spiritual journey and have moved past this world and have achieved an enlightened status.  Examples of these beings are  found in many different religions.

Just as human beings are varied and diverse so are the spirit guides.  As you move through your life journey you many have different spirit guides. You may need support for different things in you life.  Just know that no matter what your journey brings you in challenge, you can connect with spirit to help you.

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