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The Real Reason Why Your Deceased Loved Ones Occur In Your Dream

      Losing your loved one can be the hardest experience in life and maybe one of the most traumatic event that someone can go through. After the loss, there can be an enormous feeling of sadness, guilt, and shame around their passing, especially if their death was unexpected or traumatic. Spirit wants to help with the healing process by letting you know that they are ok, and that they are still around, guiding and protecting you. One of the ways that Spirit does this is by dream visitations.
There are many rea
sons why you would receive a dream visitation from Spirit:
1. Simply to let you know that they are OK.
2. To say “Thank You” for completing a task that evolved them. An example of this would be you doing forgiveness work around something that they did to hurt you while they were here in the physical world.
3. You are going through a tough time in your life and they want to comfort you.
4. Special dates that meant something to you such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.
5. To warn you about potential danger that could be coming towards you.

Receiving a dream visitation from spirit is special and can leave you feeling emotional after it is over, especially if you felt them hug or kiss you in the dream. You may even wake up feeling that it wasn’t real and that it didn’t happen.  Rest assured, it was real and it wasn’t something that you imagined or made up. Most likely after your first visitation you will experience more of them as time goes by.
A Spiritual Medium can validate these experiences for you if you give them a call or chat. Spirit is always trying to stay connected even after they pass away and is constantly leaving us signs that they are around us. This is just another one of the ways that they do it. Cherish these visitations and know that your souls will always been connected.

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