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Dream Visitations from Loved Ones Who Died

    Losing a loved one can be the the most difficult experience you’ll ever have. It’s one of the most traumatic events that anyone can go through. After the loss, there can be overwhelming feelings of sadness, guilt, and shame surrounding the death. This is especially true if the passing was unexpected or traumatic.Your loved one who passed may use dream visitations in an effort to help with your healing process and ease your transition into life without them. Here are some common reasons you might receive a dream visitation from the spirit of a loved one who has passed.

Reassurance: Your loved one may simply be trying to communicate to you that they are okay and that they are still around, guiding you and protecting you.

Gratitude: The spirit might be trying to say “thank you” for completing a task that involved them.

Forgiveness: Did your love one die before they could tell you “I’m sorry” for something they did to hurt you while they were here in the physical world? Perhaps the dream visitation is their effort to seek peace by asking you for forgiveness.

Sympathy: Since your loved one’s death, you are likely grieving and going through a very difficult time. The spirit may be contacting you in an effort to comfort you.

Significant dates: The dream visitation may occur on or around special dates that were meaningful, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Warning: The spirit may be trying to alert you to a potential danger that may be coming your way.

Receiving a dream visitation from spirit is a special gift. It can leave you feeling emotional afterwards, especially if you felt a hug or kiss during the dream.

You may wake up feeling that it wasn’t real and that it didn’t happen. Rest assured, it was real. It wasn’t something that you imagined or made up. It’s possible that after your first visitation, you’ll experience more of them as time goes by. A spiritual medium can validate these experiences for you.

Spirits are always trying to stay connected, even after death. They constantly leave us signs that they are around us. Dream visitations are just another one of the ways that they do this. Cherish these visitations, and know that your souls will always be connected.


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